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bobs_burgers's Journal

Bob's Burgers
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A community for Bob's Burgers

Welcome to bobs_burgers, a community dedicated to the Fox television series "Bob's Burgers". This is an open community and all posts related to Bob's Burgers (both the characters and the voices behind them) is allowed: news, spoilers, pictures, fanart, fanfiction, icons, picspams, etc. Please follow community guidelines before posting!

If you ever have any questions, comments, complaints or suggestions, feel free to notify one of the community maintainers. I want this community to be fun, and to keep people satisfied.

Community Guidelines
1. Please post all spoilers ((summaries, casting info, images, user icons, video, etc.) behind an lj-cut and inform others that there will be spoilers! How to make an LJ-cut. Please mark any entry posted before the episode airs with the "spoilers" tag. Episode titles are not considered spoilery.

2. If there is ever a problem with graphics and such, please sort it out like civilised people and if that can't be done, contact one of the community maintainers.

3. Any rules that have been posted by the creator must be applied. There are no exceptions.

4. Community advertising: Not too many please. Oh, and try to keep them Bob's Burgers related. Thanks.

5. Please add appropriate tags to all of your entries. A list of available tags can be found here, and if one is missing, please request it here.

Graphics & Resources
All graphics and resources related to Bob's Burgers are welcome! This includes icons, screencaps, pictures, banners, headers, wallpapers, picspams, fanart etc.
Please use an lj-cut if you have more than four icons, or images larger than 300px wide. Inappropriate images/content and spoilers are also required to be under cut. Please use specific warnings and ratings that may be required.

Please post your fic behind a cut or link to your journal. Please use specific warnings and ratings that may be required.
Here is the posting format (or something similar is fine!):

If you would like to affiliate with us please post your request here.


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